Brisbane is home to numerous historic homes, from the traditional Queenslander through to workers cottages and more. It is easy to see why these homes are so popular, but sadly many of them still use old security styles which no longer provide quality protection. One of the hardest thing with an older home is finding security doors that fit non-standard measurements, as well as ones that look great.

If you’ve got a historic home that needs a security upgrade, the team at Securelux can certainly help.

Crimsafe doors are easy to install when working with an experienced team, and one of the big benefits of utilising Crimsafe doors on your Brisbane historic home is that they are made to fit right here in our factory south of Brisbane. Our professional team will come to your home and measure your doors and windows to ensure a great fit and a quality security door.

Why Choose Crimsafe Doors in Brisbane

Crimsafe is completely customisable to suit your home. From the colour through to the style, we can create a security door that won’t compromise the look, style or heritage status of your home.

Apart from this, Crimsafe is the toughest security door on the market – in fact, it is up to 40 times stronger than the next best option! When combined with security screen windows, they can help reduce the solar heat gain by up to 53% – which is huge in Queensland, helping you save money on your electricity bill (which we all want to do!).

The other big benefit is that these security screens provide some protection from cyclones and storms. Rated to be used in Cyclone regions C and D, you can be sure your home is going to have a higher level of protection from flying debris when compared to a standard fly screen.

Think about upgrading your Brisbane historic home’s security to Crimsafe doors and protect your family and your home.