As a homeowner, how much time do you spend thinking about your home security measures? Have you ever tossed up between an alarm system or CCTV with motion sensors but felt it was all too much and too expensive? If so, we have the ideal alternative. Security screens.

Designed to work as a stand-alone security measure or alongside other options, security screens are able to significantly improve the safety of your home and its occupants.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how the addition of security screens to the doors and windows of your home can keep your family safe from intruders while also offering other added benefits.

Why You Need Help Protecting Your Home

If you reside in Queensland, it may surprise you to know that the incidence of home invasions is higher than you think. In 2019 there were more than 11,000 break-ins across Brisbane alone with that number only increasing under the pressures of the pandemic and into 2023.

Many times, homeowners were at their residences when these incidents occurred – that’s right, they didn’t even leave the house! Simply being home is not enough to deter an intruder from trying their luck.

While a security system that involves cameras and alarms can indeed act as a deterrent or provide you with real-time alerts, they do nothing to actually stop the break-in from occurring. So what can you do to ensure you feel safe while at home or away?

Security Screens – A True Barrier To Crime

Only security doors and screens create a physical barrier to would-be intruders that can stop them from gaining access to your home and putting your life at risk.

At Securelux, as licensed installers and manufacturers of Crimsafe, we have seen firsthand how properly installed security screens can stop an intruder in their tracks.

With Crimsafes patented screw-clamp technology holding high-tensile steel mesh in place, these screens are virtually impossible to get past. Unable to be pulled, pushed or cut out of place, Crimsafe screens are just as effective as bars or shutters, but far more practical and aesthetically appealing.

Do Security Screens Deter Break-in Attempts?

Yes, they do! Just as cameras and alarms act as a deterrent to criminals, so too do security screens. Even if a burglar tries to gain access, they will quickly realise it is not going to work and need to move on before they are detected.

Security Screens & Your Family’s Safety

During a break-in, it is always recommended that anyone who is home gather together and move themselves to a room where they can barricade themselves or secure the room by locking the door.

Having security screens in place buys you time to get yourself and your loved ones to safety until the police can arrive. While it is unlikely a criminal will make it past these screens, knowing you have added time to enact your safety plan is priceless.

Conversely, should you find yourself trapped in a room that has Crimsafe on the window, the built-in Safe-S-Cape technology means you remove the screen and escape out the window instead. This quick-release technology also protects you during the event of a fire when rapid exit from your home is necessary.

How Crimesafe Could Save Your Family

As a case study or example, consider this. Your family is sound asleep, presumably safe in their beds when suddenly you hear repeated scraping, banging and tapping at the back door of your home. They are unable to open it easily thanks to your security screen.

Instantly you know it is someone trying to force entry, but while this is alarming, you know your Crimsafe screen is locked on that door and all other possible entry points also feature Crimsafe screens.

You are able to calmly call the police while gathering your family safely in another room. Later you find another family that was not so lucky and endured a traumatic confrontation and was injured by the same burglar a few streets over.

Without Crimsafe installed at your home, this could have been you and your family. It is scenarios like these, which happen every day, that Crimsafe can help you to avoid.

Ensuring Your Screens Are Up To Scratch

If, like so many Queenslanders and Australians all over the country, you are ready to pursue Crimsafe security screens, you may be wondering where to start.

It is important to note that not all security screens are created equal and while there are many copycat brands out there, only Crimsafe is the original and has a lengthy history of keeping homes safe.

Not only is it important to choose genuine Crimsafe products for protecting your home, but the proper installation and maintenance of them also play a vital role.

At Securelux, we manufacture all Crimsafe screens on a made-to-measure basis. This means all screens are crafted to fit each door or window of your home seamlessly for the perfect fit. Unlike many competitors, we also install every screen ourselves, we never contract out to third parties that are inexperienced in installing these types of screens.

This ensures your screens are properly installed every time and if any problems are encountered, they are dealt with promptly by our team directly.

Will Security Screens Ruin The Look Of My Home

We recognise that for many homeowners, their only experience with physical security barriers is bars or shutters. While also effective, these products can alter the appearance of your home in a negative way and block light or the easy use of the window.

With Crimsafe, the aesthetics of your home are not impaired, if anything they are enhanced. Taking the place of your existing mosquito screens, the screen surrounds can be colour matched to your home.

They block UV rays and bugs and even support better energy efficiency in your home. All this alongside reliable and effective intruder protection.

The Smart Solution

With ongoing advancements in their products, Crimsafe also offers smart home technology that can be paired with your doors such as smart lock and other Crimsafe IQ products. Lock your doors using your phone and implement one-time pin codes and more from anywhere in the world.

Securelux- We’re For Your Family’s Safety

At Securelux, we are passionate about supporting Queensland families to feel safer in their homes. We believe Crimsafe to be a superior security investment as it needs no upgrades or technical know-how to enjoy its benefits.

With Crimsafe installed you’ll feel safe and gain valuable peace of mind that your home is protected from break-ins.

We offer obligation-free quotations and will happily work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and budget. We guarantee to handle every step of the process from measure to manufacturing, installation to final handover with absolute professionalism and attention to detail.

To organise your free quote or learn more about what we do, please visit our social media pages on Instagram or Facebook or call us at 1300 115 151.

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