At Securelux, we’ve seen firsthand how much of a difference a quality screen door can make to the overall appearance of a home. 

Pairing exceptional design with proven security features, our range of Crimsafe front door screens deliver not only peace of mind but serious street appeal. 

Fully customisable and made to measure in our very own manufacturing facility, our security screen doors make it easy to enjoy the benefits of a safer home without compromising on your preferred aesthetic. 

In this guide, we’ll look at how a well-chosen security screen can add to the beauty of your front entrance while still keeping you safe and secure.

The Benefits of Installing A Security Screen

Of course, your main intention when installing a security screen on your home’s front entrance is to deter unwanted intruders and secure your front entrance. However, there really is so much more on offer than just added security. 

When you opt for a Crimsafe security screen, these benefits include:

The Ability To Embrace The Outdoors

In Australia, we love fresh air and sunlight. During the warmer spring and summer months, opening our homes to maximise airflow and natural light is the norm. 

Crimsafe security screens, unlike many competing products, use a stainless steel mesh that is designed to allow for optimal air movement and light penetration. 

Able to also repel heat and UV rays, you can enjoy the best of the Australian weather comfortably. With reduced energy consumption from lighting and cooling measures, you’ll save money too, all while remaining safe and secure. 

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Ever looked into security options for your doors and windows and felt they would seriously detract from the look of your home? Grilles, bars and roller shutters are certainly not aesthetically friendly. 

Crimsafe, whether on your front door or across all your property’s windows and doors, blends seamlessly with your home’s design and colour scheme. 

Additionally, favoured by exterior and interior designers, they are easily able to be incorporated into your home’s look without detracting from it in any way.

Ultimate Practicality 

This security mesh also doubles as a high-quality fly screen – keeping flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies outside where they belong. 

Given most Australian homes embrace the installation of fly screens, which are often flimsy and unreliable, choosing Crimsafe simply makes sense. 

Durable and attractive, intruders of the bug or humankind are all expertly repelled while still allowing you to open your doors and windows for airflow.

Adherence to Australian Standards 

Made to meet exceptionally high Australian standards, these quality security screens are guaranteed to last, perform as expected and look fantastic for years to come. 

Representing an investment in your home, all door and window screens manufactured by Securelux come with a detailed warranty and require minimal maintenance. A testament to their quality and the importance of adhering to Australian Standards. 

Incorporation Of Sleek Technology

Tired of bulky door hardware that doesn’t suit your preferred style? Crimsafe iQ options allow you to incorporate the latest in access technology to your home’s front door and other entrances. 

Using PIN codes, remote locking technology, key fobs and other advanced smart features, you can enjoy the security you want alongside the look you prefer.

The Easy Installation Process 

As licensed manufacturers of Crimsafe, we also manage all installations in-house. Never contracting to third parties, you can expect a streamlined, stress-free process from start to finish. 

We complete all installations as quickly as possible, correcting any concerns and finalising your home’s enhanced security with the utmost professionalism at all times. 

Depending on the size of your home and the number of access points being screened, installation can be completed in as little as a day. 

Experience Your Home, But Better With Securelux

Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your home’s current security or replace worn-out screens with an intelligent, safer alternative, Securelux can help. 

Offering advanced security and enhanced appeal, Crimsafe security screens give you the best of all worlds. Enjoy the reassurance that comes from knowing your home and its occupants are protected from intruders without having to forgo aesthetics, fresh air, natural light and more.

Take your home’s security to the next level and create the beautiful entryway you dream of. Contact us today at 1300 11 51 51 to arrange your obligation-free consultation and installation of a Crimsafe security screen door.