Crimsafe doors are a popular option with home and business owners looking to increase their security, however something we are often asked is “how much do Crimsafe doors cost?” Because Crimsafe doors are made to measure for your home or business, the costs can vary depending on the size and style of your doors.

What Crimsafe Doors are Available?

The major benefit of Crimsafe is that there is a huge variety of door styles available that won’t compromise the safety of your home. Every style features the strong security measures that the brand is known for. Styles include:

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Stacking doors

Benefits of Installing Security Doors

The benefits of installing security doors are well known – keep out intruders and keep your family, your business and your belongings safe. It is important not to choose any old security door on the market – you need to ensure they pass the relevant Australian Standards that covers manufacture, installation and performance.

The testing is pretty rigorous – security doors need to be able to withstand tests that include impact (kicks, punches and charges), the jimmy test (attempting to open with a lever) and the knife shear test (using a knife to cut the screen). Crimsafe exceeds the standards across all tests.

These screens also act as a barrier against insects (and we know there are a number of those in Brisbane!), as well as allowing for that important air flow and ventilation that is so essential during the hotter months.

Costs to Install Crimsafe Doors

As mentioned earlier, the cost of Crimsafe doors varies on the style and the size of your door as well as install costs, however to provide some estimates, to install Crimsafe windows, you may be looking at around $400 upwards while Crimsafe doors may cost around $900 upwards. Keep in mind that these doors come with 10 year warranty as a minimum and you won’t have to change a flyscreen! They will also help protect your home or business against even the most persistent burglar.

To find out how much your Crimsafe doors will cost to prepare and install, give Securelux a call. Our friendly team will arrange a free consultation and quote with one of our experienced Crimsafe staff.