You’re in the market for some new security screens for your home or business, and like many others,  you’ve questioned how much they cost. With so many different brands and options available to suit any budget range, just how do you get a good mix of a great level of security that fits within your budget?

When purchasing security screens for your home or business, your sole focus shouldn’t be on the cost; cheaper screens are cheap for a reason – they don’t provide a great level of security. They are more likely to keep insects out than they are intruders. Your focus should be on the level of security they provide and how long they last. The more durable a security screen is, the more you will save in the long run.

What to consider when choosing a security screen

So we’ve said above that your focus shouldn’t be solely on the cost of the screen, so what else do you need to consider?

  • Surrounding environment – if you live in a bushfire prone area, choosing security screens that offer some level of protection against falling or flying debris is essential. You also want to be sure that your screens cannot catch fire. Plastic screens are more likely to catch fire than security screens made from stainless steel mesh. Similarly if you live in an area that is likey to get cyclones – screen that protect from flying debris and cannot be easily ripped from their frame are essential.
  • Heights – if you live in an apartment or you have high windows, you may wish to consider security screens that help protect against falls. Whether on your windows and doors or used as a patio enclosure, quality security screens can keep your family safe.

Choosing security screens that provide quality airflow and light into your home or business is also important. This means you can keep your belongings and assets safe, while still enjoying the afternoon breezes or winter sun.

Let’s talk price

Securelux are licensed provider of Crimsafe security screens. Because we provide security screens and doors that are made to fit your home, the cost will vary depending on the size and style of your doors and windows. Call our team to organise a free on-site consult and quote to see what our security screens cost will be.