At Securelux, we make Crimsafe security screens and doors to fit any style of home. That’s the benefit to using a made to measure security screen rather than just buying one at your local hardware store. But we often get asked, “how much does it cost to install Crimsafe”?

The answer to that isn’t straight forward. Because these screens and doors are made-to-measure, without doing a proper measurement and quote, we can’t answer that question without hesitation. Let’s take a look at a few things that go into the cost of Crimsafe.

Pricing Factors to Crimsafe

We know that Crimsafe is the best quality security screen and door on the market – testing proves that. But what factors can affect the price of your Crimsafe install?

  • If the frame around your doors and windows are rotting or not structurally sound, these will need to be fixed. Crimsafe products are attached to the framework, and a weak framework really lowers the protection the screens and doors are able to provide.
  • If you are installing a new sliding door, you will require door tracks to be installed.
  • If you need or want your Crimsafe frames powder-coated in a specialised colour, these generally do cost more, often because it involves another trade working on your job.
  • If you are installed window screens high up, or a door on a balcony, we may require scaffolding due to the height.

Why Does Crimsafe Cost More?

We know that many people are on a budget and they do compare the cost of Crimsafe to purchasing a ready made product. But Crimsafe is a leader in the security screen market and that’s due to all the research they put into their products. Made-to-measure products offer a better fit and therefore better security for your home.

What’s the Estimated Cost?

We recommend calling the Securelux team to organise a free on-site consult and quote. However, as an estimate, Crimsafe window screens tend to start from around $400 and doors start from around $900. Patio enclosures vary in price as it depends on the size and shape of your patio, so it is hard to provide an estimate.

You really can’t put a price of the safety of your family. Contact Securelux today – we’d love to chat to you about your security options and the cost to install Crimsafe in your home.