You’ve spent the time and invested in window security screens, but you want another line of defence for your home as well. This is certainly nothing unusual – particularly since intruders will do all they can to enter your home. For homeowners who are investigating installing a security film on their windows, we often get asked how thick should window security film be?  

Often, they have gotten quotes from other businesses and the thickness of the film being used has varied significantly. What we notice when talking to homeowners is that the quotes they receive use inferior security films which leave their home vulnerable to break-ins.  

At Securelux, we use 3M Security Film – a versatile film that when applied to your windows directly, not only provides great protection against break-ins, it also helps to insulate your home against that harsh summer heat.  

How Does 3M Security Film Work? 

3M’s security film is made of a strong binding material that holds together the glass on your windows, not to dissimilar from the same binding material that holds together the windscreen on your car. When the window receives an impact, the film keeps the glass from shattering; the glass may still crack, but it won’t shatter. This means that an intruder would have to provide a lot of force over time to break through the film, and by this time, they’ve probably given up and moved on. 

One of the best parts about 3M’s security film is that once it is on your windows, it is undetectable. You’ll still be able to see out your windows, and you’ll still get all the light you need coming in.  

So, onto the question of how thick should window security film be? When you install 3M Security Film with Securelux, the thickness will vary depending on the type of security film we install with 0.15mm(6mil) and 0.22mm (8mil) thickness options. The thickness for our Clear Security Film is 0.15mm(6mil) and our Slightly Tinted Option is the 0.22mm (8mil)(Please note mil is a thousandth of an inch).

If you are looking to install security film on your home, call Securelux to organise a free measure, quote and consultation.