Have you ever wondered how you can keep your family safe at night? With criminals getting smarter and finding more ways to get into a home, having the right security screen doors and windows can help to keep your family, and your belongings safe. 

Peace of Mind

One of the major benefits of security screens is that they provide peace of mind, whether you are at home, at work or on holiday. Knowing that your home has an additional layer of protection means that you can leave home, with a good chance that everything will be as it was when you get home. 

How to Choose a Security Screen for Your Home

Choosing the right security screen for your home is a difficult task, but it doesn’t need to be. There are many different types of security screens available on the market, and you will want to take a few things into consideration before you make your purchase.

When it comes to windows, the first thing to consider when choosing a security screen is what type of window you have. Do you have single-pane windows? Double pane windows? Do they slide or do they open inwards? Do you need a safety escape option?

Similarly, when it comes to doors,  you need to consider what type of door you have, how it opens, and even how you use the doors in your home – are they entry doors, do you just use them to allow airflow or do they lead onto an outdoor living area? 

From there you need to consider the aesthetics of your home. Do you want a security screen that blends in with your home or do you want something a bit more obvious? Do you want a screen that matches the external colours of your home? 

Why Custom Screens are a Better Option

Many homeowners turn to buying security doors off the shelf from their local hardware store, and while these will provide some protection for your home, there are certainly better options on the market. One of the biggest downsides to buying a security screen “off the shelf” is that it may never fit just right. When you choose a custom security screen, these screens are built to the measurements of your doors and windows so you know they will always fit correctly. 

Why Use Crimsafe?

At Securelux we provide Crimsafe screens to homes and businesses across the southeast. The brand you choose will depend on a couple of things including your budget, and the one you prefer the look of. 

Crimsafe is one of the most well-known security screen brands and provides a high level of protection through the use of Screw Clamp technology – this is where high tensile screws are used to essentially clamp the screen into the frame as if it were a vice. 

We make Crimsafe screens to measure in our factory in South Brisbane which means that even if you have a non-standard-sized window or door, you don’t need to miss out on ensuring your home or business is safe. 

Security Glass Film

We know this is all about security screens but have you considered teaming up a security screen with a security film for your windows? 3M Security Film sits on top of your glass windows and provides maximum security by protecting glass panels from being broken.

Intruders are looking for quick and easy entry into your home – they want to be in and out before anyone has noticed. 3M Security Film prevents easy access and when combined with Crimsafe security screens, intruders will be deterred from entering your property.

If you already have security screens, the security film can be added, and provides an extra layer of protection. 

Are you looking to protect your family and home from intruders this holiday season? Contact the team at Securelux and see how we can help keep everyone safe.