With the changing seasons comes a host of bugs and insects including mosquitos, beetles, cockroaches, spiders and more. They move into our homes to get out of the heat, get out of the cold, and to find food and water. Australia has more than 500 species of insects and we understand when you don’t want them in your home.

Different people use different ways to keep insects out of their home, but the installation of Crimsafe security screens protects your home and your family.


One of the most common insects we see on a day to day basis, flies can actually be harmful to our health as well as being plain annoying. Research has show that flies can spread a large number of pathogens and parasites to humans, often through our food. Crimsafe security screens can easily keep flies out of your home and keep your family safe.


The mosquito – we certainly don’t love them! While they disturb our sleep, for some people a mozzie bite can end up in itching for hours. Mosquitos are also a source of transmission of dangerous viruses from person to person including Ross River Fever, Barmah Forest Virus, malaria and dengue. The mesh on Crimsafe security screens are so tight that mosquitos can’t get through.


So they aren’t an insect and you might not see too many snakes in your suburban neighbourhood but they are certainly about, and certainly not something you want in your home. Snakes can get through the smallest of gaps and you’ll often find them curled up in a small space. Whether you live on a farm or in the city, a good quality security screen can help keep snakes out of your home or business.


Many people worry about spiders in their home and it is really hard to keep them out of your home. We know that there are some dangerous spiders in Australia so being able to keep as many out of your home as possible is important. Crimsafe’s security screens can help minimise the mount of spiders you get in your home.


Another non-insect on the list, but more and more homeowners are installing Crimsafe security screens to keep their cat in and other cats out. Installing security screen and keeping your pets inside can help protect them and go towards helping them live a long and happy life. Crimsafe screens act to keep your cat inside and other cats out.

Crimsafe is well known for it’s security level but there are additional advantages including minimised insects. If you’re ready to help protect your home from insects, contact our friendly team today.