If you’re investigating options to keep your home secure, then Crimsafe doors and windows should be top of your list. A high-quality, reliable and visually appealing security option, Crimsafe offers unmatched peace of mind to home and business owners alike. 

In this guide, we’ll cover common queries regarding Crimsafe such as what it is, its benefits and how to secure these doors and window screens for your property. 

What Is Crimsafe? 

Crimsafe is a security product that provides homeowners with the highest level of protection for their homes. It is designed to provide maximum strength, durability, and resistance against intrusion.

It does this through the use of high-tensile stainless steel mesh. Using screw clamp technology to secure the mesh to the frame, the screens are virtually impenetrable. As a leading measure of protection for your home, these screens cannot be cut, torn or pulled out of place by intruders. 

Why Invest In Crimsafe?  

Investing in Crimsafe ensures that your home will be protected from intruders, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are safe and secure. 

Not only a winning security measure, Crimsafe doors and window screens deliver a host of added benefits that other security measures cannot match. 

10 Benefits And Features Of Crimsafe

The unique design of Crimsafe allows it to act as so much more than just a security screen. Crimsafe also offers the following extras. 

1. A Brighter And Fresher Home 

Crimsafe mesh allows for an abundance of natural light and fresh air to enter the home. Unlike bars, grills or block-out roller blinds, Crimsafe allows for sunlight and air to pass freely. 

2. They Look Great

It is aesthetically pleasing. Available in a range of colours and finishes so you can find one that suits your style perfectly and adds to the appeal of your home.

 3. They’re Energy Efficient 

Able to retain warmth in the home during winter and deter heat during the summer, your energy bills can be reduced. 

4. Privacy 

The nature of Crimsafe mesh allows for a clear view of the outside but makes it difficult for those outside to see in. This is great for passers-by as well as a barrier to burglars scoping out the contents of your home. 

5. They’re Easy Care

 Thanks to the corrosion-resistant powder coating, these screens will last for many years with little to no maintenance required. 

6. They Add Value To Your Home

Whether selling or refinancing you can expect to see enhanced value due to this intelligent security measure.

7. They’re made for the Australian climate

Crimsafe is incredibly durable and designed to endure harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat, high humidity, heavy rain, salt spray and even bushfire embers.

8. They’re Safe 

Crimsafe also works well as fall protection for windows at height and the inclusion of Safe-S-Cape technology ensures an escape can be made in an emergency as needed. 

9. Insect Barrier 

Crimsafe screens keep out unwanted creepy crawlies as well as burglars! So you can leave your windows open any time of the day or night to enjoy the breeze without risking mosquitos, spiders or worse. 

10. They’re Money Saving

Insurance companies will often reduce the cost of your annual premiums if you have quality security measures in place. This is due to the risk of break-ins and associated claims being reduced. 

Where Can I Install Crimsafe? 

Whether at a residential dwelling or business, Crimsafe products are suited to a variety of locations. As Crimsafe screens are incredibly versatile and can be custom-made to suit any space their application is virtually unlimited. 

Crimsafe is suited to patio enclosures, french doors, sliding doors, architectural windows of unusual shapes or sizes, garage openings and more. Hoping to install Crimsafe at your property but are unsure whether it will work for your space? Simply give our friendly team a call, and we’ll be happy to advise you on options. 

Deal With The Experts

At Securelux, we are experts in Crimsafe security doors and screens. As one of just a few accredited Crimsafe installers, we handle every step of the process with close attention to detail and zero compromises on quality. 

We make all our security screen doors and window screens to measure for the perfect fit every time. Additionally, we install all Crimsafe security screens ourselves, we never use a third-party installer as we’re committed to an exceptional result without complications. 

We offer a range of Crimsafe products including Crimsafe ultimate, Crimsafe iQ and specialty cleaning products. No matter your Crimsafe request or query, we have the answer. 

With over four decades of industry experience, Securelux’s highly skilled team can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs and budget. They also offer free on-site measures and quotes for easy ordering, installation and maintenance.

Investing in Crimsafe is a smart choice for extra security, peace of mind and long-term value to your home. Contact Securelux today at 1300 11 51 51 to find out more about our range or to arrange your obligation-free quote.