You can have all the security options on the doors to your home, but that won’t stop an intruder coming in through the window! Homeowners often forget about window security, and if you don’t like the looks of window screens, you may be pondering whether window security film is worth the cost.

Let’s take a look to see if window security film is an option for your home.

What is Security Film?

Window security film is essentially one or more layers, put together with a special adhesive. There are different thicknesses which provide different levels of protection. 3M Security Film uses a proprietary tear and penetration resistant material that provides a higher level of strength over other films on the market. Made from multiple micro-thin layers, it holds together the glass upon impact.

How Effective Is It?

Window security film, while more expensive, is certainly worth it. The film can delay or prevent an intruder entering your property, however, it doesn’t make your house 100% burglar-proof. It is recommended to use a security film in conjunction with a quality window security screen providing extra security.

Where Should I Install Film?

While all windows and glass doors should be considered, glass panels beside entry doors should be your main priority. An intruder will generally try your front door first to see if it is unlocked, and while you may have security doors, they could easily break the glass panels next to the door and unlock your doors.

3M Film has plenty of benefits for those looking for a window protection, including:

  • Stopping injuries from children or adults accidentally crashing through glass doors or windows
  • Offers protection against flying shards of glass due to damage from a storm
  • Offering protection from balls, flying rocks from a mower or those who live close to a golf course
  • Limiting vandalism due to glass not being able to break
  • Thieves give up as they cannot gain easy access
  • Deters smash & grab crimes
  • Reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat and 93% of glare, saving money on running the air conditioner in summer.

If you’ve been wondering if security film is worth the cost – it absolutely is, and should be a consideration when looking at security options for your home.