Ensuring your home security is up to par is crucial for protecting your loved ones and property from potential threats. With burglaries in Queensland up by 20%, it’s more important than ever to evaluate and upgrade your home security system. Sleep soundly knowing your home is secure with our expert tips and recommendations.

Is Your Home Vulnerable? Signs You Need to Beef Up Security

Identifying vulnerabilities in your home security is the first step towards safeguarding your property. Here are some signs that you may need to enhance your security measures:

  • Outdated or No Alarm System: Modern alarm systems offer advanced features that older models lack. If your system is outdated or you don’t have one at all, it’s time to upgrade.

  • Lack of Security Cameras: Security cameras are a significant deterrent to burglars. If you don’t have CCTV cameras installed, your home might be an easy target.

  • Visible Weak Points: Check for easily accessible windows and doors that lack proper locks or security screens.

  • No Access Control: Without an access control system, you can’t effectively monitor who enters your home.

  • Neighborhood Crime Rates: If your area has seen an increase in break-ins, beefing up your security is a wise move.

Simple Steps to Assess Your Home Security


Assessing your home security doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these simple steps to evaluate your current security setup:

  • Conduct a Walkthrough

    Walk around your property and look for obvious weak points. Check all entry points, including doors, windows, and garage access.

  • Review Your Alarm System

    Ensure your alarm system is functioning correctly and covers all key areas of your home. Test sensors and alarms regularly.

  • Inspect Security Cameras

    Check the placement and functionality of your security cameras. Ensure they cover critical areas such as entry points, driveways, and backyards.

  • Evaluate Access Control

    Consider if you need an access control system to monitor and restrict entry to your home.

  • Consult Security Consultants

    Hire professional security consultants to perform a thorough assessment of your home. Their expertise can identify hidden vulnerabilities you might miss.

Strong Foundations: Essential Security Measures for Every Home

Every home should have a strong foundation of basic security measures. Here are some essentials:

  • Robust Doors and Locks

      • Install solid core doors.
      • Use high-quality deadbolt locks.
  • Window Security

      • Use security screens and bars.
      • Apply 3M film for added strength.
  • Lighting

      • Install motion-sensor lights around your property.
  • Alarm Systems

      • Integrate modern alarm systems with monitoring services.
  • Security Cameras

      • Use CCTV cameras to monitor and record activity.

High-Tech Help: Upgrading Your Security with Cameras and Smart Systems

Advancements in technology have made home security systems more effective and user-friendly. Here’s how you can upgrade your security with high-tech solutions:

Security Cameras

  • CCTV Camera Systems: Modern CCTV cameras offer high-definition video, night vision, and remote monitoring capabilities.

  • Smart Cameras: These can be integrated with your home network, allowing you to monitor your home from your smartphone.

Smart Home Security Systems

  • Smart Alarms: Connect your alarm system to your phone for instant alerts and remote control.

  • Access Control Systems: Use smart locks and keypads for secure, keyless entry.

  • Integration with Home Automation: Sync your security systems with other smart home devices for a seamless experience.

Peace of Mind on a Budget: Affordable Options for Home Security

Home security doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some affordable options to enhance your security:

  • DIY Alarm Systems: These are cost-effective and easy to install

  • Solar-Powered Security Lights: Reduce energy costs while securing your property.

  • Basic Security Cameras: Even budget-friendly cameras can deter criminals and provide valuable evidence.

  • Window and Door Alarms: Simple yet effective in alerting you to unauthorized entry.

Additional Considerations for Comprehensive Security

Security Solutions

For a truly comprehensive home security solution, consider these additional measures:


  • Outswing and Inswing Safe-S-Capes: Ensure safe and quick exit routes in case of emergency.

Outdoor Security

  • Patio Enclosures: Secure your outdoor spaces to prevent unauthorized access.

Professional Monitoring

  • CCTV Monitoring Services: Professional monitoring can provide an extra layer of security, ensuring immediate response to any incidents.

Regular Maintenance

  • Routine Checks and Updates: Regularly maintain and update your security systems to ensure they remain effective.

Three-Step Process to Secure Your Home

  • 1

    Book a Consultation: Contact Securelux to schedule a free consultation.

  • 2

    Personalized Security Plan: Our security consultants will create a tailored plan based on your specific needs.

  • 3

    Professional Installation: Our expert team will install and set up your chosen security solutions.

Achieve Peace of Mind: Secure Your Home with Modern Solutions

Ensuring your home security is up to par involves assessing your current measures, identifying vulnerabilities, and upgrading with modern solutions. By following these steps and investing in essential security measures, you can achieve peace of mind knowing your home and loved ones are protected. For a comprehensive security solution tailored to your needs, book a consultation with Securelux today. Discover the Securelux advantage and sleep soundly knowing your home is secure.