Most people know Crimsafe for it’s security protection for homes and businesses, but these screens also have a lifestyle use, helping to protect your family in more ways than you’ve considered. Living in South East Queensland means plenty of time spent outdoors playing in the pool, relaxing on the balcony or having dinner on the patio, and it’s these places that Crimsafe can also keep your family safe.

Balcony Enclosures

Plenty of us live in properties with balconies and verandas where falls are a potential issue. You still want the enjoyment of being outdoors, but it’s important to keep your family safe, especially the little family members. Crimsafe screens can be used as fall protection on balconies, verandas and of course, high windows. Crimsafe screens meet all requirements for child protection at openable windows, providing safety without loosing the view, or the breeze.

Patio Enclosures

There are many homes around South East Queensland that have a great patio setting overlooking the garden or the pool. Unfortunately this often means your patio is open to intruders, flies, bugs and other insects. Patio enclosures are designed to be adaptable to existing spaces and can easily create a safe outdoor/indoor living space for you and your family. With structural grade mesh and still utilising the Screw Clamp system that Crimsafe is known for, Crimsafe screens are strong, and give you the benefit of extra living space.

Pool Fencing

Pools – many of us have them and getting the pool fencing that suits your home can be difficult. You need to meet all the safety requirements as well as having peace of mind that your children are safe from entering the pool area when you aren’t looking. The big benefit of Crimsafe pool fencing is that it can be customised to your pool area and your home style; you’ll receive all the benefits, the views and the airflow while having that extra protection. Because these screens, like all Crimsafe screens, are made to measure, they fit perfectly and they don’t give the gaps that children can so easily use to climb.

If you’re looking to get more use out of your Crimsafe screens, talk to Securelux to find out how we can assist.