Are you looking for a great way to give your home a make over without spending a lot of money? Plantation shutters on the Gold Coast are a great way to update your home without a big budget.

How to Use Plantation Shutters in Your Home

Do you love the look of a Hamptons style home? There’s one thing you’ve probably noticed on Gold Coast homes that have been designed in this style – they all have plantation shutters. Want to know how to get the Hamptons look on your home? Here’s our top five essential finishes to help you get the look.

Top Finishes for Hamptons Style Homes

Window Trims

When you’re thinking Hamptons style, you need to be thinking coastal cottage – timber-look cladding or weatherboard is a great way to bring that coastal look to your home. Choosing the right window trim is essential to getting the look you’re after – thick, timber-look accents add definition to the windows, and allow you to bring in more of the white colour the Hamptons style is known for.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most loved elements of a Hamptons style home, and they are perfect for the Gold Coast lifestyle. These timber shutters effectively block out excess light without the need to close the window, which means you keep the airflow without the heat. These shutters, when in a crisp white colour add to the coastal charm look.

French or Bi-Fold Doors

The Hamptons style tends to take some elements from a more Parisian style of home, which means French and Bi-Fold doors are particularly suitable for the look. Not only can the add elegance and allow extra natural light into your home, by choosing French or Bi-Fold doors with security screens, you’ll add an element of safety to your home.

Blue/Green/Grey Cabinetry 

Shaker style cabinetry in a blue, green or grey colour is a great addition to the Hamptons style, and against a white kitchen, certainly add a pop of colour. Essentially shaker cabinets are functional, durable and relatively plain – they won’t take away from the look of your home, rather they will add to it.

Oversized Pendant Lighting

Large and oversized pendant lighting adds another coastal or nautical element to your home while giving another great finish to your home. These pendants create the illusion of space and are often glass or industrial to give the feel of old ship lighting.

Think the Hamptons style would suit your home? Securelux offers plantation shutters on the Gold Coast as well as French and Bi-Fold doors to suit a variety of homes. Talk to our team today to get that great Hamptons style right here on the coast.