Living with the beach nearby is great for relaxation but not always good for your home. Salt air will eventually start to corrode appliances and other items within your house, including security doors. But there is plenty you can do to stop the rust from forming and spreading on your security doors on the Gold Coast.

Crimsafe doors are relatively rust and corrosive proof, but spending a little time on maintaining your security door could end up saving you thousands in the long run, and is it easy to do.

Maintaining a Security Door

It is so easy to maintain a security door to stop rust and corrosion. Maintenance only takes a few minutes each month!

  1. During your general week to week cleaning, wipe down your security door with a general multi-purpose cleaner to remove grease, dust, dirt, salt air and any general build up
  2. Coat the door in a suitable wax to help keep the powdercoating as good as new. Talk to us during your consultation to find out the best wax to use.

How often you clean your door will depend on how far away you are from any salt air source. With Crimsafe doors, the following is recommended as a minimum cleaning schedule:

  • Up to 1km from a beachfront or bay – every 2 – 4 weeks
  • 1km to 10km from a beachfront or bay – every 2-3 months
  • Mort than 10km from a beachfront or bay – every 6 months

Maintaining stainless steel security doors on the Gold Coast is essential. The better you look after the door, not only will it look better for longer, but it will protect your family and your home for longer.

If you’re looking for security doors on the Gold Coast that won’t rust, contact us today for your Crimsafe consultation. Crimsafe doors are made from a 304 stainless steel. This level of stainless steel provides a lifespan of around 65 years; when combined with a high-grade pre-treatment and high durability powder coating, unless the powdercoating is damaged, you won’t see rust.