With development rapidly happening across our cities, it is important to ensure that our buildings are not only intruder safe, but safe from issues like fires and storms. We would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Crimsafe security screens, but you may not have heard of Crimsafe’s fire attenuation screens.

While Crimsafe security screens provide a level of fire and bushfire protection, the fire attenuation screens provide a different level of fire protection. These screens can help prevent the spread of fire spreading throughout a building via flames and radiant heat.

So how do you know what screens are best for your situation? A Fire Engineer or Certifier will provide a Fire Safety Report that describes the fire protection products you need to protect your building. Screens can be assessed as a solution to limit the potential spread of fire.

Wondering what the benefits are of using Crimsafe fire attenuation screens? These screens won’t permit floating embers to pass through window spaces, and they can reduce the radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 45%. Other benefits include:

  • Saving money in building design
  • Providing more flexibility in design
  • Allow for buildings with windows within 3 metres of the boundary of an adjoining property or 6 metres between buildings on the same lot

Fire attenuation screens can be fitted to a range of windows and doors to provide extra protection to your business or home. Combined with the Safe-S-Cape window and Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff mesh, you can rest easy knowing you have extra protection should there be a bushfire or building fire in your area.

For a consultation and quote on installing Crimsafe fire attenuation screens on your home, building or business, contact Securelux today. With our factory based south of Brisbane, you won’t need to wait long to protect your home.