Securelux distinguishes itself in Brisbane’s home security market by offering unparalleled protection with its top-notch Crimsafe screens, ensuring your loved ones, home, and belongings are safeguarded against intrusions. Tired of worrying about home safety? Discover how Brisbane’s leading Crimsafe screens by Securelux offer peace of mind and security, transforming your home into a fortress without compromising on style or comfort. Upgrade your home’s defense system and enjoy the tranquility of knowing you’re protected by the best.

What Sets Securelux Apart from Other Brisbane Home Security Companies?

Locally owned and committed to the delivery of premium quality products alongside outstanding customer care, Securelux expertly manage your journey with them from start to finish. 

Made to measure and manufactured by us in-house, we also install every door and window screen ourselves. This sets us apart from our competitors who often engage contractors for installation or order screens from elsewhere. 

Our approach ensures only the best quality stainless steel mesh is used in the construction of your screens and that installation is completed to the highest standards. 

Securelux: Your One-Stop Shop for Home Security Solutions

Surveillance Camera

While affixing sensor lights to entry points on your home and garage or using CCTV can help to deter intruders, they cannot stop someone entering your home. 

Sold to provide a physical barrier between potential intruders and your most important assets, Crimsafe keeps would-be burglars firmly outside your property. 

Looking much like a standard fly-screen, these screens require little to no maintenance and do not need tech upgrades and calibrations or similar to operate at their best. 

Additionally, they will serve you well for decades to come, making them an ideal investment in your security that gives you long-term peace of mind knowing that your property is safe.  

With added benefits such as UV protection, increased energy efficiency, boosted home value, greater privacy, elimination of insects and more, Crimsafe screens truly are a one-stop solution for property owners. 

Securelux: Custom Home Security Systems Designed to Protect Your Home and Family

Security Screens For HomeRecognising that every home is unique, we work closely with you at all times to find the ideal solution tailored to your home and needs.

Crimsafe screens are manufactured and custom fit to windows and doors of all shapes and sizes, even garage openings. This ensures that your garage security is maintained at all times, even when the door is raised. 

This customisation allows for the best possible outcomes and facilitates optimal security benefits for your property. 

Securelux: Affordable Home Security Solutions for Every Budget

Reduce the risk of break-ins and protect your home with Securelux’s help.

With decades of experience, we offer professional guidance to homes and businesses and provide leading security solutions at cost-effective prices. 

Having seen first-hand the distress that a break-in can have on a home or business owner, we advocate for a proactive approach to security. 

We happily work with you to find an option that meets your budget and can discuss payment plans as needed to help you achieve your security goals. 

Whether you are actively looking to upgrade your home security following an event or simply hoping to prevent these risks, we are here to help

Call 1300 11 51 51 today to organise your obligation-free quote and learn how we can help protect your home now and in the future.