Thinking of getting security doors in a Brisbane home or office? There’s certainly plenty of options on the market, from the super budget friendly from your local hardware store through to security screens that have been made to fit your doors.

Many homeowners try the more budget options that they can install themselves or have a local handyman install, however plenty of those homeowners or business owners then start to seek out a more customised option that not only looks better but protects their home or business a lot more efficiently.

Why Choose Crimsafe Security Doors in Brisbane

Crimsafe is well known for their security doors and if your goal is to protect your family, home and business from thieves, Crimsafe is the best option. Crimsafe has been an industry leader for well over 20 years, and with their patented technology, choosing security doors for your Brisbane home is a breeze.

Crimsafe security doors can be made to fit a range of door styles including:

  • Hinged and sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Stacking doors

Crimsafe produces the strongest stainless steel security doors on the market, exceeding the Australian Standards. They have superior strength against impact which keeps out anyone who is trying to kick or punch through your security doors. They have also been tested against, and show strength against force by screwdrivers or other tools that may be used to leverage apart frames, locks, and hinges.

Crimsafe security doors can help make your home more energy efficient, are fire resistant, and offer protection from flying debris during cyclones and storms.

Why Use Securelux to Install Your Security Doors in Brisbane

Securelux is a Crimsafe licensee which means your security door installation will be handled by our staff right here in Brisbane. We don’t use contractors so you can be assured that anyone you speak to at Securelux is employed by us and therefore trained to measure, make and install your security doors to the highest of standards.

With over 37 years of experience in the security door and window industry, our team know their stuff and can ensure you get the correct security doors in Brisbane for your home or business.