Security window films are a fantastic solution for protecting your property from harsh weather, accidental glass breakage, and unlawful entry. Used on windows and doors, these films are made up of layers of polyester film, stuck together with a strong adhesive to create a window film that will hold your windows or glass doors together.

How do they work?

The adhesive sticks to your window, holding cracked glass together, while the film stops the fragments from breaking off onto your floors and benches. When combined with a quality security screen, security film adds an extra layer of protection against theft, and damage from storms or the wayward cricket ball.

The 3M security film works like this to keep you safe from threats:

  • After a burglar attempts to breaks into your home, the security film holds the smashed glass in the doors or windows in place, making it incredibly difficult for them to gain access.
  • In order to break in, the burglar or intruder will need to keep attacking the glass, which will demand a lot of physical effort and will attract attention due to the disturbance generated and the time spent breaking in.
  • This will cause the intruder to depart swiftly in order to avoid being apprehended or assaulted.

The 3M security film may also protect you from other types of calamities, such as a badly hit cricket ball or bad weather.

Choosing the right thickness

The greater the thickness of the film, the greater the protection. The thickness of the film is determined by how many layers of thinner films are bonded together. The break rate, rip rate, and puncture rate decrease as the thickness rises. The thickness of security film ranges from 4 mils (100 microns) to 14 mils (200 microns) (350 microns). The majority of dangers are usually protected by a thickness of 7 to 14 mils. The term “mil” refers to a thousandth of an inch, therefore a 12-mil security is little over 0.3 millimetres thick.

But there are new security films on the market, such as the 3M Ultra S600 which, are just 6 mils thick, or around 0.15mm. Because it is made up of multiple micro-thin layers that are cross-laminated in opposing directions, it is thinner than many security films yet provides greater protection than many of the thicker films. It’s a high-performance security film that’s not too thick.

What are the benefits to using safety and security window film?

There are several safety advantages to using 3M Protective Film, including:

  • Stopping injuries caused by children or adults falling through glass doors or windows by mistake.
  • If your home is damaged by a storm or natural disaster, it will provide protection from flying glass fragments.
  • Providing protection against outdoor activities such as ball sports, flying rocks from the lawnmower, and those who live near a golf course and wish to escape those wayward shots.

3M Safety & Security Film adds an extra layer of protection to your property.

  • To discourage smash-and-grab criminals, 3M adds a penetrating and tear-resistant protection to your existing glass.
  • Thieves who are unable to acquire simple access generally quit up fast.
  • Vandalism might be confined to the replacement of a broken windowpane.

Another advantage of 3M Film is its heat and glare management, which is ideal for those hot summer days when natural light is needed to reduce UV rays.

  • These films can block up to 78 percent of the sun’s heat while also reducing glare by 93 percent.
  • The UV rays of the sun are a key cause of fading.
  • Carpeting, furniture, electrical gadgets, and blinds/curtains are all significant investments that can swiftly depreciate if exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

If you’re looking to add to the security of your home, give the team at Securelux a call and let us help you protect your home.