When it comes to common myths regarding home security, the idea that you only need security measures in areas of high crime is a popular one.

While lower crime rates are considered a comfort by many homeowners, the reality is, no one is safe from breaking and entering. Your home can benefit from enhanced safety and security measures regardless of location.

However, if visible bars, unsightly block-out shutters or complex security systems don’t appeal, what are your options for protecting your home?

For exceptional security and peace of mind, security door and window screens are ideal.

Property & Crime

No matter where you live, the reality is that home invasions and break-ins can occur. While living in an area with a higher crime rate certainly makes this more likely, living somewhere with a lower crime rate doesn’t make your home immune.

Additionally, the home security myth whereby residents living in high-end suburbs think there is less risk is untrue, affluence doesn’t equate to reduced crime rates.

In fact, criminals will often seek out wealthier suburbs in which to break and enter, knowing the pickings will be worth more.

This is why, no matter where you live, installing security screens on your property is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Why Opt For Security Screens?

Even if you already have home security in place consisting of cameras, motion sensors and an alarm system, security screens are worth pursuing.

Why? Because they are the only option that creates a physical barrier to criminals entering your property.

Crimsafe’s high tensile, stainless steel mesh screens cannot be ripped, torn or pushed out of place – making it almost impossible for an intruder to enter.

They are a highly effective security measure that works well as a stand-alone security measure or when combined with other deterrents. Plenty of criminals find workarounds for alarms or cameras or ignore them and carry out a crime anyway.

Security screens make this far less likely to occur.

Additional Benefits

Securing your home with Crimsafe screen doors and window screens also delivers you several other benefits that other methods cannot. These include, but are not limited to:

Keeping Out Insects & Wildlife

Australia has so many creepy crawlies, reptiles and other wildlife that are more than happy to enter your home uninvited. These screens keep both them and criminals outside where they belong.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Crimsafe screens effectively block up to 53% of the sun’s heat as well as deflect around 62% of UV rays.

This makes your home much cooler in summer while also protecting your belongings from fading and sun damage. Likewise, they help to trap warmth during the cooler months for greater efficiency all year round.

Optimal Air Flow & Light

Unlike security shutters which block both air and li when in use, Crimsafe screens allow for light and air to freely enter your home.

This means you can enjoy feeling safe and secure without the need to shut your home off from the outdoors.

Little To No Maintenance

That’s right, once installed, there is next to no maintenance involved with screens. Where other security systems may need tech upgrades, replacing of components or similar, screens do not.

The most your screens will need is a gentle wash from time to time with warm water and detergent. This makes them both easy to care for and one of the most cost-effective options available.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Most homeowners desire to feel safe without adding unsightly additions to their homes. Even the most decorative grilles placed over windows can impair the look of a home.

They are also often associated with areas of high crime which may deter future buyers by creating the wrong impression.

Crimsafe screens look just like your usual insect screens but with added security benefits. As they are custom-made to suit your home, they can also be matched to the preferred colour scheme of your house. This means exceptional safety that is cleverly hidden.

Proactive Prevention

At Securelux, we always advocate that homeowners are proactive regarding their home’s security. Sadly, we have attended homes, even in low-crime areas, where break-ins have occurred and lives have been lost.

Keeping your home and family safe is something we are passionate about. While we understand why our customers seek out enhanced security reactively after a life-changing break-in, we would much rather attend proactively.

Experience the Securlelux Difference

No matter where you live, taking steps to secure your home through the installation of security screens is highly recommended. The peace of mind you gain from knowing your home is protected no matter what is truly priceless.

To learn more about Crimsafe or to arrange your obligation-free quote, please call our expert team today on 1300 115 151.