If you’ve been spending a bit more time at home recently, you’ve probably been walking around the house looking at what maintenance needs doing, or what needs to be upgrades. You may have realised that those old screen doors on your front and back door really aren’t doing much for the security of your home and your family. Perhaps it’s time to update to security screen doors?

When home owners are considering installing security screen doors on their homes, they generally do some research as to where to find the best doors in their budget. Some homeowners decide to go down the route of popping down to the local hardware store and picking up the closest fitting screen door on sale. Others are a little smarter in their approach and look to purchase doors that have been built to fit their home.

Not all security screen doors are made the same. There are certainly some cheap products on the market that, while they make you feel secure, they won’t hold up to sustained damage from a criminal desperate to get into your home.

So what should you be looking for in quality screen doors that will keep you, your family and your belongings safe?

Meeting the Standard

In Australia there are manufacturing standards that screen doors need to meet. Unfortunately, almost any product can be advertised as a security screen door but a quality screen door will meet Australian Standard AS5039-2008.

Frame & Infill

A frame made from steel is one of the strongest and most effective screen door frames. If this is out of your budget or you live close to the coast, aluminum is an option as it is less prone to corrosion. Many screen doors have grills or motifs to provide extra security and these work to a point. However, stainless steel mesh is a great option if you don’t like the look of grills across your security screen door. Looking through them is just like looking through a flyscreen.

Locks and Hinges

When it comes to locks and hinges there are some things to look out for. Key locks should be at least a five-pin cylinder or equivalent. A three-point lock may prevent the bottom or top of the door being forced open and tends to spread the force of any attack. Hinges are recommended to have fixed pins that can’t be removed, and for your door to have at least three hinges.

While you can buy security screen doors in many places, having them custom made to fit your home is the better choice. Contact Securelux for a consult and quote on installing security screen doors on your home.