No doubt that you’ve heard that Crimsafe uses a triple lock mechanism on their security screen doors, and you’ve probably wondered why.

All true security screen doors lock with a triple locking mechanism, but there are different styles of triple locks depending on the security screen door you install. Screen doors with only a single lock are not true security screens, but barrier screens.

Triple locking mechanisms essentially provide a higher level of security through their three-point locking system that is installed inside the door frame. This means that as well as the central lock you are used to, there are two additional locks located at the top and bottom of the door. All three locks are activated when you turn the key to activate the main lock.

One of the big benefits is that you can use the triple locking function simply by locking the door hardware from the inside without using the key. However, you will need to utilise the key when locking and unlocking from the outside (like most security doors).

Are Triple Mechanism Locks More Expensive?

Because these locks provide additional security (by locking at three points instead of one), there are more expensive than standard single locks, but having that extra level of security to protect your home and family is well worth the higher investment.

Crimsafe security doors come with a three-point locking system as standard on all hinged doors. When it comes to sliding doors, you have the option of a single-point lock or a triple-point lock. In addition to this, Crimsafe hinged security doors come with a minimum of three hinges providing even more strength. Made of stainless steel to the Australian standard.

If you’d like to know more about the locks used within both the hinged and sliding Crimsafe security doors, book a consult with Securelux. Our experienced consultants can explain the difference, and help you work out what is best for your needs.