Have you been considering installing window security screens on your Brisbane home? Window security screens are an important aspect of home security. They are a great way to keep intruders out of your property, while still being able to enjoy the view outside.

There are plenty of benefits to installing window security screens, including:

  • Protects your home from intruders
  • Prevents children from falling out of the window
  • Some can be used as an emergency exit in case of fire
  • Prevents people from throwing objects into the house
  • Keeps bugs and other insects out of the house

Not Just Intruders

While one of the biggest reasons homeowners install security screens on their windows is to keep intruders out, there are some other things that Crimsafe screens can keep out of your home. And in South East Queensland, with its unpredictable weather, they can be the difference between minor and major damage to your home. 

Let’s take a look at how Crimsafe’s 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh can protect your home against the environment.

Bushfire Protection

Bushfires are worrisome and sadly they are becoming a part of our everyday life more and more. Living in an urban area is no longer protection from a bushfire and while you may not be able to protect your home should you be in the direct line of a fire, you can protect your home from burning embers and flying debris that may come from fires kilometers away. 

Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff mesh meets the requirements of the Australian Standard for the construction of new homes in bushfire prone areas, and even if you don’t have a new home under construction, installing these screens can give you a greater level of protection. 

It should be noted that when used with a compliant window system, these screens provide a high level of protection from ember attack and can reduce radiant heat, as well as protect your glass windows from burning debris. Crimsafe screens can be used in all Bushfire Attack Levels up to and including the most severe, BAL-FZ. 

You don’t need to live surrounded by trees to be at risk of embers and flying debris. With the ability to protect your home for such a low cost, it makes sense. 

Cyclone Protection

There’s no doubt that living in Queensland we need to be prepared for summer storms, and while we may not get direct hits from cyclones in the south east corner, we do see plenty of lows and rainy weather. Crimsafe has a range of products that are approved for use in Cyclone regions C & D (the northern coast of Australia) so if you are concerned about flying debris from bad weather, Crimsafe’s Cyclone Debris Screens may be a great option for your home. 

Designed to protect against flying debris in wind gusts up to 392km/h and impacts of up to 44m/s, you can be sure that your windows and your home will be protected. These screens can be used on doors, windows and Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes, giving you the additional peace of mind that you need in our ever changing weather conditions. 

 All the Benefits of Crimsafe

Whether you choose to protect your home with standard Crimsafe products, live in a BAL rated area or want to protect your home from the risk of flying debris during a cyclone or a low, Crimsafe is the product you need. 

Crimsafe screens can be powder coated in a range of colours to match the aesthetics of your home, while those living on the coast will be happy to hear that these screens are corrosion and rust resistant, so you won’t need to replace them regularly due to damage from the salt air. 

Crimsafe screens can be attached to sliding windows, hinged windows and fixed window panels, giving your home and your family full protection from intruders and insects, as well as potential damage from the environment, or that wayward cricket ball. 

With over 25 years of innovation and development, if you’re looking to protect your Brisbane home, Crimsafe window security screens are a great option. 

Are you ready for a no obligation consultation and quote? The friendly team at Securelux can help you decide whether Crimsafe screens are the best option for your home and your budget. Manufactured right here in south Brisbane, our team have years of experience in the home security industry and can provide you with the advice you need.