Feeling safe and secure in our homes and businesses is important; you can add security with 3M Film on your Gold Coast home or business for instant added protection. While products like Crimsafe allow you to keep your family and home safe while providing airflow, 3M Film offers extra protection to your glass windows.

Benefits to 3M Film on the Gold Coast

There are plenty of benefits to using 3M Film on your Gold Coast home.

  1. 3M Film can act as a deterrent to stop people breaking into your home. 3M Film can resist attack for up to 2 minutes, deterring an intruder looking for a quick entry point.
  2. It can reduce heat and glare entering the property, keeping your home cooler on those hot summer days.
  3. Provides privacy, blocking someone from looking in the window to see if you are home or what kind of items you keep inside your property.
  4. Offers extra protection from those outside games of cricket, football or basketball or from a flying rock from the mower.
  5. Provides extra protection against broken glass in summer storms.

How does 3M Film Work?

3M Security Film uses a tear and penetration resistant material that provides superior added  strength to your glass windows. Other window films tend to easily tear, but 3M utilises multiple, micro-thin layer technology making this film incredibly strong. 3M High Mass Clear Adhesives hold the glass together upon impact giving you added protection against intruders, rocks, storms and balls kicked, hit or thrown into the window. Securelux can retrofit 3M Film to existing annealed glass, meeting Australian Safety Glazing Standards.

Stop easy entry to your home or business. Protect yourself with 3M Film in your Gold Coast property. Contact Securelux today to arrange a free measure, quote and consultation.