So, you’ve been thinking about getting Crimsafe security doors or windows for your home or business. Excellent choice! You’re investing in the safety of your home and family or business, employees and clients. One common question that arises about the products is “Can Crimsafe be broken into?”. Following, we’ll discuss this question and what can be done to get the best possible results when using Crimsafe products.


Whilst nothing can ever be guaranteed as 100% safe, Crimsafe has the strongest and most reliable security products available on the market. When it comes to safety standards and tests, they outperform the competition by a huge margin.

So, it shouldn’t really be a question of “Can Crimsafe be broken into”? but rather, “Am I ensuring proper manufacturing and installation has occurred?” The crucial element to having Crimsafe products be successful in keeping crooks out is the installation process.

With Securelux, you can be certain that this is the standard you’ll receive. We measure and individually create the doors and windows to exactly fit your home or business. Our team of employed professionals are trained in the installation process for Crimsafe products.

You’re better off utilising the expert team at Securelux to install your Crimsafe products and save the DIYs for other projects.

Proper installation will ensure they are fit and secured properly for maximum effectiveness. Intruders will most likely go look elsewhere for an easier target or spend a substantial amount of time trying to get in – a very risky move!


To add an extra level of protection to your home or business, you may want to consider 3M film for the glass around your home or business. Ask one of our consultants today about how it can make your glass incredibly strong and difficult to break.