Crimsafe has widely been renowned for many years as being at the forefront of Australian security technology, creating the most protective and resilient security products we have on the market. Even so, a question on many people’s lips is “can Crimsafe be cut?”.

Following we will help to answer this question by looking at the Australian Standard for security door and screen products and how Crimsafe holds up.


Australian Standards define the requirements for all products sold in Australia. The shear knife test is a part of the Australian Standard number 5041. This test requires that every type of class 3 security screen and door products pass the AS4883 knife attack test.

The knife shear test requires that testers take a heavy-duty trimming knife and vigorously pull it against the mesh numerous times. If there is no penetration in the mesh in a continuous line for more than 150mm the product passes the test.


Crimsafe are continuously testing their products to improve them and ensure they withstand not only knife attacks, but other threats such as bushfires, pests, cyclones and more.
When tested during the shear knife test, Crimsafe passed with flying colours. In fact, Crimsafe either passes or exceeds the test for impact, jemmy and knife shear testing, meaning you are assured a high level of protection against criminals.

Now that you know the answer to “can Crimsafe be cut?”, all that’s left for you to do is get in touch with Securelux. Our friendly team can arrange for a free onsite quote for Crimsafe products at your home or businesses as well as answer any further questions you may have.