Security Screens

It’s a sad fact of life, homes do get broken into. It’s not something we like to think about, or even consider happening to us, but we should. Even if you have insurance, replacing heirlooms and precious possessions isn’t always possible. Purchasing security screens in Brisbane can not only provide you with the perfect peace of mind, but they will deter criminals in the process.

Hinged and Sliding Doors

You have a choice between hinged or sliding doors, which still allow for airflow into your home along with the additional safety. Whether your door opens into the backyard, or onto a patio your home will be much safer. You can have your home looking stylish while also providing safety at the same time.

Climate Smart

Have the added benefit of a security door that offers airflow and lets in natural light while keeping out both harsh sun rays and unwanted intruders. This will also keep your furniture protected from the elements in the process.

Go Crimsafe

The Crimsafe range of security screens has been tested to Australian Standards, so be sure to call Securelux to organise to have yours installed today. You will have an expert installer come to your home to ensure everything is fitted correctly to provide you with that much needed peace of mind.


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